Sorry for not replying sooner chaps. What happened to the old shafts? Its a craft that you will get better at with practice but its not rocket science. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. I think I’m right on the limit between re-shafting or just going for a new set.

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Cost of Reshafting Irons Started by canvasback13May 05 Last edited by J4U; at Once I did my first reshaft I felt stupid for having paid to have it done in the past.

How much does a decent golf simulator cost in India? You can make most of the points Brandel has made, without the “Tiger will never be goat” stuff, but that’s not Brandel’s style.

Cost of reshafting AP2’s

Search Advanced Search section: Why are golf club drivers so expensive? Already have an account? I want to live in your area because a reshafting under 20 bucks is way cheap!!!!! Then properly prepare cost to reshaft a new shaft and use the proper cost to reshaft a to glue the head with requisite ferral to the shaft.

Then selling your other set will recoup a good chunk of the costs. How do you revolutinze the golf club? That means the insertion depth would have to be 2″!

Cost of Reshafting Irons

Since you have steel, why not pull them yourself and save the money? Practicing with video – tips that may hopefully help you.

All clubs except cost to reshaft a the putter can use the same shaft; but, the lengths are different and may need to be trimmed at both ends depending on the club head it is being mounted on.

I am buying a new set of irons due to the fact that mine need re-shafting. I thought you had to buy new ferrules anyway you did it?

A few rust flecks on the outside will not make any difference to performance. The driver and 3W are not the greatest quality but like I said, they work for learning the game and cost to reshaft a I can upgrade from there.

Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

Or should I just buy new irons? You dismissed this ad. Pull the shaft cost to reshaft a and make a check; if you have an even amount of epoxy ro around the tip, that’ll be enough. How much would you say it costs to have new shafts fitted by a pro, going with a decent but not stupidly expensive make?

Posted 05 May – I also got the ferrules there. I build some clubs and do all my own work but I know the reshhaft golf galaxy charges around 50 bucks for a pull cost to reshaft a install. Does anyone have the same frustration I am having now? Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. I’ve never re-shafted a club as I generally just xost them with the shaft I want, so I didn’t know what I should expect pricewise.

I have a local golf shop that is way cheaper, though. I use a Dremel to do that, but most anything will work. Then cost to reshaft a him for the time it takes and the fitting on the range to get the set-up correct.

Can’t imagine putting cost to reshaft a back on would be difficult. The graphite gets soft, and if you try to twist the head, you’ll have a very high probability of the shaft breaking inside the hosel.