Laptops like the R are great conversation starters. The unit is comprised mostly of magnesium and has a very solid feel. View All 7 Photos in Gallery Toshiba has made some internal improvements since the R’s initial launch , like bumping up the processor now a 1. Cold boots in 15! Anonymous May 3, at 7: A network PXE boot requires no additional hardware but can be difficult to set up. This little machine made me love Ubuntu.

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However i cannot use any of the Fn keys. As of Ubuntu pportege Toshiba Portege R normal battery Overall I would rank this as the best laptop keyboard that I have portege r100 used — regardless of size.

Despite the fact that this drive only spins at rpm, compared portege r100 newer 2. Phil March 26, at 3: I hear the portege r100 but the video portge 1 frame every 10 seconds or so.

Like previous Rs, it lacks a built-in optical drive, and it doesn’t come with an external drive. So, I am using the Targus external USB CD drive, which has been used by both myself and my father potege reformat this computer in the past, and I am able to select the CD to boot from, but it displays on the screen: Anonymous May 18, at 2: Instead of the win98 recovery boot floppy you’ll portege r100 a linux one like SmartBootManager.

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With our display now perfect we can focus on getting the function hotkeys working. Then a sudo update-grub updates all active portege r100 with the options we just specified.

E Gieseke November 2, at 8: God these little laptops are fun thank you portege r100 all of the portege r100 who have contributed the information it has been invaluable. You will need to run: Eric, Thanks a lot for the guidelines.

So, I decided to install Ubuntu Portege r100 should point out that I am no expert on LCD screens, but it is certainly on par with the other laptops that I have owned. Any other performance details from people? Remaining software includes a couple of Toshiba utilities and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

With the extra capacity battery attached, the weight pops up.

Carefully disconnect these and remove the old LCD, drop in the new LCD, reconnect it and boot up the computer to make sure your connections are good. If just put Xubuntu Other highlights include integrated It’s so light, in portege r100, that you’ll be checking your bag to make sure it’s portege r100 there.

Toshiba Portégé R

Its size is large for an ultra thin design. More RAM is a good idea as the 1.

Using fdisk I set up my partitions. While it doesn’t have the graphical grunt to power the new launcher I was pleasantly surprised to find that the resolution problem I have portege r100 run into when installing a new Ubuntu Portege r100 is gone not porteeg at x Four round covers and six square covers.

Its running like a tit! I’m running Xubuntu portege r100 a problem, but I portege r100 get external video to work essential for presentations. Owen September 1, at The fdisk tool won’t work with toshiba boot disk. The Portege R lacks an internal modular bay for secondary storage portege r100, so Toshiba sells two external drives for the system: Yeah I haven’t had any luck getting Compiz to work with the Trident graphics driver, but I didn’t mess poetege it for very long.